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July 30th


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The Good Food Box is a non-profit alternative distribution system for sustainably produced fruits and vegetables including local, regional, unsprayed, transitional, and organic produce. This fantastic resource is available at UVic, through the dedicated efforts of the UVSP and key volunteers!

Local and affordable produce is delivered on campus bi-weekly, complete with a newsletter and recipe ideas for easy meals with the produce available that month.

What is the value in a good food box?

Being a non-profit and working directly with farmers and speciality purveyors of local and sustainably grown produce, the Good Food Box is able to provide high quality produce cheaper than grocery stores.

We offer several types and sizes of boxes:
gfb schedule 2014

$6 (sm), $12 (med) or $18 (lg) Fruit and Veggie Box
$10 Raw Snacking Box (great if you do not have access to a kitchen)
$15 All Fruit Box
$18 Organic Fruit and Veggie Box

To order a box:
Your can order your box online at; just choose UVic as your pick-up location. The deadline is Thursdays at midnight

on order weeks. You do not have to place an order
every single month, only when you choose.

Cash orders are excepted at the UVSP office on the main floor of the Student Union Building, Room B118. Cash orders must be received by noon Wednesday on order weeks. To place your order, you will find order form envelopes to the right of the UVSP door on the main floor of the SUB (Room B118). Fill out your order details on the envelope and submit it with payment (exact cash only) into the designated slot on the UVSP office door. You do not have to place an order every single month, only when you choose.

Once ordered, your box will be available for pick up at the Student Union Building from 2pm-6pm on Wednesday on pick-up weeks. The current pick up location is in the basement of the Student Union Building, room B024, B025, or B028.

Click here to download the 2014 Order and Pickup Schedule.

What you can expect from your box:
For maximum nutrition the Good Food Box buys what is in season, which changes every month. Every effort is made to purchase from the Island first, and then as locally as possible. For example, the July 2011 boxes featured 99.9% BC produce, with 70% being local and unsprayed. The fruit and snacking boxes featured 70% local and unsprayed produce with 30% certified organic from outside the region.

As a guide of how much to expect, below is an example of the produce from the August 2011 boxes:

$6 box: local unsprayed broccoli, local white potatoes, lower mainland radishes, lower mainland green beans, lower mainland green peppers, Okanagan hand picked apricots

$12 box: same as above PLUS more local potatoes, more green beans, local unsprayed romaine lettuce, local organic bunch carrots & Okanagan hand picked nectarines

$18 box: same as above plus even more local potatoes, more Okanagan hand picked nectarines, local unsprayed cauliflower, local long English cucumber & organic sweet onions.

$18 all-organic box: local romaine lettuce, local broccoli & cauliflower, local bunch carrots, local celery, lower mainland mushrooms, Fraser Valley corn on the cob, Okanagan apricots & Okanagan sweet onions

$10 snacking box: local organic carrots, local blueberries, Okanagan hand picked apricots, Okanagan hand picked nectarines, lower mainland radishes, lower mainland green peppers.

$15 all-fruit box: Local unsprayed strawberries, local blueberries, Okanagan handpicked apricots, Okanagan handpicked nectarines

Contact Us:
Facebook: UVic Good Food Box
Order Online: