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UVic Good Food Box

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Pickup Time: Every other Wednesday,

Location: UVic Student Union Building: Table #4 (Outside of Michele Pujol Room)

Please check our FB page for updates.

(please note this is a volunteer-run program, so we apologize in advance if there are delays) Please check out FB page for updates. If there is a change in pick-up location, we will post it on our FB Page.

Thank you!

Why order a Good Food Box?

You will save money.
Good Food Box is similar to a large bulk club with centralized buying coordination. We only add a small mark up to cover operating costs and pass the savings on to you. Our goal is to make produce available at the lowest price possible to the greatest number of community members.

You will increase your healthy choices.
Good Food Box ensures that you and your family will always have tasty, fresh and nutritious fruits and vegetables in your home. Our newsletter also provides inspiration for meal and snack ideas with weekly recipes.
You will be supporting local farmers.
Good Food Box prioritizes ordering produce from local and regional farmers. We also source from other places while always trying to get the best prices closest to home.

How do I order a box?

3 ways to order:

  1. By phone at 250-381-1552 ext. 100
  2. Online
  3. In person at a pick-up location

Orders and payment are due one week prior to each pick-up date. The deadline for ordering that Wednesday at midnight.
When you order, you get to choose where you would like to pick-up your box (see our pick-up locations here).


What is the Good Food Box Program?

It is a non-profit alternative distribution system for fresh produce operated by the Capital Region Good Food Society. They purchase fresh produce directly from local and regional farmers and/or local purveyors.

They work directly with local purveyors to ensure, to the best of our ability, that the produce we purchase from outside our region is grown with sustainable practices including (but not limited to) certified organic, transitional organic, integrated pest management, and fair trade.

The prices are approximately 50% less than what you would pay for the same quality produce at local and chain grocery stores.

Each Good Food Box has the produce of at least half a dozen farms – we save you the time and fossil fuels of sourcing the best deals and driving around the region picking up from local farms. With the good food box you get good food on your schedule.

How much is a good food box?

We offer several types and sizes of boxes:

  • $6, $12 or $18 Fruit and Veggie Box featuring ¾ veggies and ¼ fruit these boxes offer a mix of in-season produce featuring at least 50% local all year round.
  • $10 Snacking box featuring 2/3 fresh fruit and 1/3 fresh veggies that can be enjoyed without needing to be cooked. These boxes offer a mix of in-season produce featuring at least 50% local all year round.
  • $15 All Fruit Box featuring all fruit all the time this box focuses on local, regional, pesticide free and/or organic produce.
  • $18 Organic Fruit and Veggie Box featuring only certified organic and transitional organic produce.

For more details, click here

To order a box:
Your can order your box online at; You can choose UVic as your pick-up location.

Cash orders are excepted at the UVSP office on the main floor of the Student Union Building, Room B118. Cash orders must be received by noon Tuesday or ORDER weeks. To place your order, you will find order form envelopes to the right of the UVSP door on the main floor of the SUB (Room B118). Fill out your order details on the envelope and submit it with payment (exact cash only) into the designated slot on the UVSP office door. You do not have to place an order every single month, only when you choose.

Once ordered, your box will be available for pick up at the Student Union Building from 2pm-6pm on Wednesday pick-up weeks. Please check our website or FB page for updates on pickup locations

Contact Good Food Box for more information:
Facebook: UVic Good Food Box
Order Online: