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Working list of environmental organisations on campus

Collaborative Groups, Student-Run Projects, Course Unions, Advocacy Groups, Uvic Projects, UVic Departments, Academic Organisations

Campus Community Garden

“The Campus Community Garden is run by a group of volunteers with some practical support from Facilities Management and the UVIC Sustainability Office. It was started by the Environmental Studies Students’ Association (ESSA) in 1996. and from 1997-1999 ESSA was the main body connected to the gardens, providing funding for a student to coordinate garden activities. Students in Family Student Housing took over garden operations on a volunteer basis in 1999. Without any formal funding, students in Family Housing successfully managed to build allotment plots and community plots. The garden was reconfigured in 2006 … There is a healthy stock of communal tools and resources for gardeners, as well as an informal play area for children… In September 2006, the Campus  Community Garden Club was established as a club under the UVSS by-laws, and became an established club in the summer semester of 2007. The garden executive is run as a collective… The garden club organizes frequent workshops, work parties, and social events. Currently, the Garden Club is working with the UVic Sustainability Project (UVSP) and Common Energy’s Food Working Group to create a strong and supportive network of food security groups on campus. The university community can always get involved. The best way is to show up for work parties. For the spring of 2010, weather permitting, there will be regular work parties on Friday afternoons from 3-5 pm. There are several large plots for group involvement where we grow food for the campus pocket market and food bank.”

Common Energy

“Common Energy UVic is a network, composed of members of the UVic community and regional partners, working to find local solutions to climate change in Victoria. We are asking “How can we do more to solve the problems of climate change than we do to cause them?”

Go Beyond

“goBEYOND is a province-wide campaign to move students and institutions beyond climate-neutral. goBEYOND is a project that Common Energy has worked on collaboratively with the Sierra Youth Coalition, UBC Sustainability Office, and groups across the provice from the Campus Climate Network.  UVic was one of the three campuses that launched in September of 2008. There are now 9 campuses involved accross the province.”

Spokes (bike bursary program)

“The SPOKES program is an innovative bicycle bursary program at the University of Victoria that combines recycling with cycling. Run by volunteers, and supported by UVic organizations, SPOKES has given out more than 1000 bikes to university students, faculty and staff.”

Uvic Environmental Law Centre

The primary mission of the Environmental Law Centre Society, a registered non-profit society, is to provide research and advocacy on public interest environmental issues. The ELC has three main compontents: the Centre, the Clinic and the Club. It is a multi-pronged structure that draws on the expertise and involvement of students, professors, legal practitioners, and environmental activists.”

Student-Run Projects

Restoration Action Group

The Restoration group does the great get-your-hands-dirty work of building a more sustainable world. Regular work parties are organized for various restoration projects.  Contact Hayden Bartels at hb(at)uvic.ca to get involved.

UVic Ancient Forest Committee (Formerly UVic Wilderness Club)

“We are UVic’s student club concerned with protecting Vancouver Island’s ancient forests!  We organize rallies, aerial art, slideshows, movie screenings, letter writing tables, petition drives and hiking and camping trips!” Email uvicwilderness (a) gmail.com for more info. Also check out their facebook group and listserv.

List of all UVSS Clubs

Advocacy Groups

Access UVic

“The Access Association of Disabled Students is dedicated to the full and equal participation of students with disabilities in all aspects of university life. You will find our founding chapter, Access Uvic on the main floor of the Student Union Building at the University of Victoria. We are a cross – disability alliance of disabled students. We advocate for increased awareness, inclusion and accessibility for all people with disabilities on campus and in society.”

Anti-Violence Project

The Anti-Violence Project (AVP) is your on-campus sexual assault centre. Trained volunteers and staff provide confidential emotional support, information, and referrals to people of all genders who have experienced sexual violence, and their supporters. All of our services are free of charge and you do not need an appointment to see a support worker. Additionally, the Anti-Violence Project offers educational workshops and social action and awareness initiatives. Please stop by to find out more about our programs and services, or to learn about volunteer opportunities.

Native Student Union

“The Native Students’ Union works to empower Aboriginal students in order to benefit from the technical and academic learning available at UVic. the NSU also provides a forum through which Aboriginal students can maintain strong cultural ties with other Aboriginal students in the post-secondary education system. The NSU offers support and encouragement in the form of regular meetings and social events. If you are interested in participating, call the NSU for more information.”

Students of Colour Collective

“Students of Colour Collective (SOCC) is a collective of self-identified students of colour at the University of Victoria. We attempt to defy the mainstream and act from the margins placing issues around race, gender and colonization into an antiracist framework, which builds our work, action and political endeavours. Under the terms of advocacy and action, we create and expand academic, social and political spaces for people of colour on campus.
We also work to empower people of colour by organizing and supporting events, providing resources and support to individuals and groups, and by actively working against oppression based on race, gender, class ability, nationality and language.”

UVic Pride Collective

“The UVic Pride Collective is a social and political group advocating on behalf of queer people (including but not limited to gay, lesbian, trans, bi, two-spirited, straight, questioning, asexual, & other-identifying persons). We are open and welcoming to all queer and queer-friendly persons! Our office (SUB 118) is open for drop-in most school days, and is a place where queer & queer-friendly people can hang out, network & make awesome new friends. We have a resource library, DVDs, peer support/referrals, lots of awesome social events, a high school outreach team that is always eager for volunteers, and a positive, safe environment for everyone.  Drop by the office for more information about upcoming events, or join us on our listserve & facebook groups.”

Women’s Centre

The Women’s Centre is a collectively run drop-in centre open to all self-identified women on campus. It provides a safe space for women to hang out, meet people, get information and organise. Members are encouraged to work within their own areas of interest.  The Women’s Centre is committed to the elimination of racism, homophobia, poverty, and other forms of oppression. The Collective participates in organizing events such as: Take Back the Night March, December 6 Memorial, Eating Disorders Awareness Week, and International Women’s Week.  The Centre also has a library that is open to all genders. For more information, stop by the Centre and talk to the Coordinator, or drop by during your spare time either to relax or to volunteer!

Course Unions

ESSA- Environmental Studies Students’ Association

“The Environmental Studies Student Association (ESSA) is the Environmental Studies Undergraduate Course Union. The group focuses on linking environmental activism and social networking within the undergraduate community. We organize a wide variety of fundraisers, events and activities throughout the year, and provide key volunteer and job opportunities to the undergraduates of Environmental Studies. This year we plan on hosting potlucks, day hikes, invasives removal around Victoria, a local farms bike tour and much more!”  Also produces ESSENCE newspaper about once a semester.  Join their listserv for updates here.

Commerce Students Society

“The Commerce Students’ Society (CSS) at the University of Victoria is an independent, student run organization dedicated to creating unique opportunities for its members as well as the local business community. As representatives of over five hundred domestic and international business students, we help students to develop and utilize their leadership skills in an economic, environmental and social capacity.” This semester (Winter 09/10) the CSS is hosting local environmentalist and BC Sustainable Energy Association President, Guy Dauncey, and also screening the movie Food Inc. See Events posts/Calendar for more information.

Society of Geography Students

“SOGS is one of the most active course unions at UVic! “Examples of recent activities include: various speakers, films, and presentations, field trips and field work pertaining to undergraduate course work, on-going publication of SOGS Notes, sporting events such as orienteering, soccer, volleyball, and hiking, social events that usually involve beer, bad music, and geographical trivia, fundraising through selling baked goods and bookssupport for international development projects, work on environmental causes in our bio-region and beyond, bring geography into schools through our “Geographers in Schools” project, and advocacy on issues of concern to students, such as equity or cooperative education.” They’re also on facebook here.

List of all UVic undergrad Course Unions.

University Projects

Office of Campus Planning and Sustainability

“Our Vision [is] to improve quality of life on campus and in the community by ensuring that sustainability is integral in campus operations, teaching, research and partnerships.”

UVic Departments

Environmental Studies

“We dig deep into environmental problems from three distinctive perspectives: ethnoecology, ecological restoration and political ecology.  This combination makes us unique in Canada, and one of the main reasons why our undergraduate and graduate programs are in demand. We have a strong commitment to innovative community-based research, field-based and experiential learning, co-operative education, and providing some of the knowledge and habits to become an ecological citizen.”

Continuing Studies- Sustainability and Environment Courses and Programs

“Our Sustainability and Environment courses and programs are designed to help you to develop the skills, knowledge and understandings required to make the transition to and live successfully in a sustainable society. Environmental topics are interdisciplinary in nature and an interest in sustainable practices is permeating all areas of society. As a result, you will often see our courses and programs linked with other topics such as health, economics and social justice. Our Sustainability and Environment courses and programs are grouped into five areas of focus: Ecological Restoration, Environmental Issues, Environmental Thinking, Sustainable Design, and Sustainable Food.”  Includes Native Species and Natural Processes Professional Specialization Certificate, Restoration of Natural Systems Certificate, and Restoration of Natural Systems Diploma.

Academic Organisations

BC Institute for Cooperative Studies

The mission of the BC Institute for Co-operative Studies is to: Foster and co-ordinate interdisciplinary research at the University of Victoria related to co-operative economy in British Columbia and throughout the world; Promote the dissemination of research related to co-operative and community economy among researchers and teachers in the academic community as well as among those in the wider community who may benefit from that research; and Promote the development and offering of university courses by faculties and departments that provide an understanding of the history and role of co-operatives, co-operative theory, principles, development, structures, and legislation.

Canadian Institute for Climate Studies

The Canadian Institute for Climate Studies’ mission is: to further the understanding of the climate system, its variability and potential for change and to further the application of that understanding to decision making in both the public and private sectors.

Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium

The Vision of the Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium is to stimulate collaboration among government, academe and industry to reduce vulnerability to extreme weather events, climate variability and the threat of global change. The consortium for climate impacts will bridge the gap between climate research and climate applications and will make practical information available to government, industry, and the public.

POLIS Project

“The POLIS Project on Ecological Governance is a centre for research and action established in 2000 by the Eco-Research Chair of Environmental Law and Policy at the University of Victoria (British Columbia, Canada). POLIS is a place where academic and community researchers work with others to dismantle the notion of the environment as merely another sector, and to make ecological thinking and practice a core value and practice in all aspects of society. Among the many research centres investigating and promoting sustainability worldwide, POLIS is unique in its focus on transdisciplinary research, education and advocacy oriented to defining and cultivating ecological governance.”

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