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Mixer of the Movements

Why: Build community with those passionate about environmental justice connected to UVic. Forge friendships, let our hair down, and build organizational and functional relationships to further our work. Also, democratize the granting resources of the UVSP to make them more freely available to this ever strengthening community.

What: A party with us and all of our caring and compassionate friends and colleagues – invite spread through environmental and other interested groups on campus, billed as for the environmental justice community, those fighting inequality and exploitation of people and planet. Five big parts:

- Mingle and party!: Meet, greet, and celebrate our ongoing struggles for a better world.

- Grant Process: Money given out by popular vote – projects will be announced at the beginning, people can talk about them during the night, and then voted on at the end – probalby $250 up for grabs? Maybe limit voting to a few reps per club? – things still to think about here

- Action table: An area highlighting current campaigns where people can take action – most likely sign petitions or write letters, but maybe a creative art area as well – will maybe live on in digital form outside the event? Most things will probably have their own sites, but could consolidate them.

- Events calendar: A place for people to add events and see events that are coming up, most likely digital with a big projected display – will live on in digital form outside the event.

- Volunteer hub: A collection of volunteer opportunities, once again, with the oppourtunity for people to add their own, once again probably digital with a big display – will live on in digital form outside the event.
- Short training or speech on interesting thing? – might be interesting, but maybe not necessary

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UVSP Visioning Special Meeting

Because you care about the Future of Life on this Planet!

Unique Opportunity to shape your Future and take a stand for what you believe in and defend Life Now that Life in under attack by a failing capitalistic consumerism materialistic culture and system

You are invited to come to the UVSP Visioning Special Meeting and make a difference!

The UVic Sustainability Project (UVSP) is seeking your input on how it can further sustainability at UVic.  We want to ensure we are using our resources to the best of our abilities. Help us identify the strengths of our organization and where there is room to improve how we help the sustainability community at UVic.
Date/Time/Place: Thursday November 28th 4pm to 6pm, in the Michele Pujol Room (SUB)
miranda poster
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Visioning poster


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